April Fool's Day 2017

April Fool’s Day, the one day a year when you either become the pranker or the prankee and although it’s unknown exactly where the custom began it’s suspected that it originated in France when the Gregorian calendar was adopted and New Years Day changed from April 1st to January 1st however some people who continued to celebrate the new year on April 1st were known as April Fools and others played tricks on them…now it’s not confirmed that this is the original origins but it does sound about right, so we’re going with it!

April fool’s day was earlier this week but not to worry the fun isn’t over, here for your viewing pleasure are the best April fools prank (we could find) that the internet had to offer:

All the way back in 1986 the infamous New York City published a press release informing everyone that there would be an April Fools’ Day Parade, as you can imagine, there was no parade. The press release has now become a staple and has been released every year since 1986 – now that is commitment to pranking!

Now this one is an oldie but a goodie, in 1996 Virgin Cola ran an advert saying that they had incorporated new technology into their cans, so when the cans when past the sell by date the cans turned blue, this prank was rolled out right at the time when Pepsi had just revealed their brand new bright blue cans. A coincidence? We think not!

In 2000 we thought our prayers had been answered, The Daily Mail told us that a new line of socks had been released (hold for great news) that are designed to help you lose weight – yes you read that right, weight reducing socks! These socks were said to be able to suck the body fat out of your sweating feet, the ‘inventor’ even told us the jargon on how the socks worked to make the prank extra believable – unfortunately that FatSox is still yet to be produced...

April Fool's Day 2017Last year a parody website called MarkforHM.com told us that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and H&M were collaborating to create “the collection pack” his ‘range’ if it can be called that was made up of seven plain short sleeve grey t-shirts and one pair of blue jeans. Now wearing the same outfit everyday may seem boring, but if a great mind like Zuckerberg does it, then maybe we might give it a try!

And bringing you right up to date, this year, McDonald’s ‘released’ a brand new burger, they called it the Micro Mac with used the tagline “because sometimes your just a tiny bit hungry”, now we can’t see why you’d want to eat just a little bit of McDonald’s so we are pleased this one was a prank. Continuing the burger theme Burger King also were pranking this year, they told fans that they created a Whopper burger toothpaste, they said it was to help that “unique flame grilled beef taste last longer” – think we’ll just take the real thing!

April Fool's Day 2017

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