Autumn Roller Blinds


Just like that, summer falls into September, the leaves turn red and fall from the trees, the road collects the crisp leaves and people crunch across the path, hurrying to get home to a cup of tea. 

With the nights and mornings beginning to get darker, everybody is looking forward to getting inside their cosy, warm home. With our varying shades of reds and browns and our range of patterned designs we’re sure we have the blind to help make your home that little touch warmer this autumn. 

The most popular choice this season is our ‘Autumn Ruby’ roller blind, offering pure class and a calming, snug feel to your room. The natural coloured background is splashed with ruby red trees of the autumn season. The majestic bare branches are emphasised by their silhouette just beside them, giving the impression of intertwining pairs of trees. The ‘Ruby’ colour is the most common for the autumn but also available are ‘Autumn Sky’ in blues, ‘Autumn Ebony’ in white and black and ‘Autumn Ochre’ in yellows and beiges. 

The ‘Botanica Forget Me Not’ blind is another popular choice for this season too. With its delicate shimmering, thread like autumn leaves on a velvety brown background, this botanic themed pattern give a luscious rich feel to your home. It gives a magical twinkle to the autumn season. There’s still a sparkle in the leaves as summer departs. You could also share a warm brew in your home with our ‘Tea for Two’ roller blind. With its array of teapots, kettles and spoons, it will be even harder to resist a cuppa in these cooler months. Splashed with red and natural colours, this blind instantly gives you a steaming hot feel! 

So, take your pick! Get yourself through these cooler months with your warm choice of ruby leaves, gold shimmering leaves or, in true British style, a good cup of tea!