Bonfire Night 2016

Guy Fawkes night also known as Bonfire Night and Firework Night is an annual commemoration observed on 5th November, Primarily in Great Britain.

It is said that over recent years the true meaning of Bonfire night has been lost, like many other holidays. Guy Fawkes night is when he tried to blow up the houses of parliament the plan was unsuccessful so a bonfire was lit on November 5th this is why every year we have a bonfire to mark this celebration. This is also why many families will ‘make’ a Guy Fawkes and then he will be thrown on the bonfire when it is burning.

The social impact on bonfire night has become huge with many places holding fire work events at weekends near November 5th to increase the numbers of people attending. There are always many events locally and many fire brigades will always prefer people to visit organised events rather than doing fireworks in your own back gardens. Calls to the fire department are nearly tripled around this date so it is important that you and your family understand just how important it is to stay safe around this time.

Food like most holidays is a huge on Bonfire night and the below foods are all associated with this special time.; toffee apple, treacle toffee and jacket potatoes! Even in the cold evenings we always have burgers and sausages outside wrapped up warm with the children and ready to watch the fireworks.

The colours associated with bonfire night are; yellows, reds and oranges. If this is a colour you are looking at adapting into your home, then we have some great blinds available on the website that we can send free samples of so you are able to see just how beautiful these colours really are.

Bonfire Night 2016 

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For me bonfire night is all about making the guy fawkes, having sparklers and fireworks in the garden. What does bonfire night mean for you?