The fifth of November has passed, hope you all had a fun, colourful and safe bonfire night!

We are definitely on our way towards Christmas now, so whether you’re trying to keep the bonfire ‘flame’ alive or not wanting to let go of the summer brightness, take a look at our exciting, vibrant Vitra range. With an array of colours, your home could never be dull! Keeping the brightness of bonfire night whilst getting the Christmas spirit into your home, the Vitra Flame blind is a perfect solution, with its eye grabbing red shade. Red is a very cosy colour for your home during the winter months too.

Vitra Flame Blinds


 Vitra Action Blinds

Vitra Action is our bright orange blind. This really creates a bold statement at your window. So if you’re wanting to add a splash of colour to your home, whilst also creating a warm feel, this is the one for you. The Vitra range that we have listed on the website is available in a roller and a vertical blind and has the added extra of a blackout lining on this range so perfect if you are looking to add a splash of colour to your bedroom.

Vitra Envy Blinds

We send out free samples of all the blind colours listed on the website, you can request these through the contact us form or you can drop us with an email so that you can be sure that the colour you are choosing Is the right colour for your home.

If the above colours do not take you fancy why not have a look at the Vitra Envy which is a bright and beautiful green and will work perfectly for next month’s Christmas theme in your home and add a splash of colour for when all the family visits.