Your child’s safety is a priority to us here at BlindsPlus. As a parent myself, I find it very distressing reading about the stories of families that have suffered injuries and sadly fatal injuries in connection with blinds. I welcomed the new legislation from the BBSA in early 2014. All of our blinds are made to the highest standard with the utmost care so you can rest assured that your little ones are safe.

Some blinds are also called ‘Safe By Design’ which means they are the safest blinds you could wish for. Some parents opt for these for extra reassurance. For example, you can choose wand controls for vertical blinds instead of cord controls.

All of our blinds come with safety measures to protect your children. The vertical blinds are always sold with a child safety device. The roller blinds are always sold with breakaway connectors so if any weight is put on to it, the connectors will break so there is no longer a loop. The wooden venetians are sold with a cleat so you can wrap the cord around it so there are no loose ends dangling.

All blinds are manufactured with safety in mind, it is crucial that you read the fitting instructions provided so you are best advised on how to make your blind safe.

It is also important that parents and families implement these safety measures on existing blinds already in their home. If you head on over to the Parts and Accessories section of the website, you will see that you are able to buy the child safety devices separately to add to your current blinds.

If you are looking for a new blind for your child’s room, you will be spoilt for choice, from rollers to roman blinds. To top off your child’s fun roller blind, why not add a playful child safety device – these are also in the Parts and Accessories section. Happy shopping!

Childrens Blinds