Chocolate Cake Day 2017

Now we don’t want to get your hopes but we think we may have found the single best non-official holiday of all time… CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY!

Yes, you read that correctly January 27th is chocolate cake day, and how do you celebrate? With lots of chocolate cake of course. Now we here at Blinds4UDirect love us some chocolate and we are not ones to turn it down, especially on its national holiday. So, if your mouth, much like ours, is watering like crazy now at the sight of those delicious cakes and you’re thinking you must either pop to the local supermarket or run into your kitchen to start baking immediately, well then, we can be of assistance, here is our tried and tested chocolate cake recipe to help get you one step closer to celebrating such an important holiday!


225grams of Butter
225grams of Caster sugar
4 eggs
100grams self-raising flour
1tablespoon baking powder
2tablespoons cocoa powder
Dash of milk

  Chocolate Cake Day 2017



Step 1: Heat up the oven to 180 degrees or 160 for a fan over. Spread a little butter around two sandwich cake tines and for extra sticking precaution over the bottom with baking paper.
Step 2: In a large bowl mix the butter and sugar with an electric whisk until it is light, then add the eggs one at a time mixing as you go.
Step 3: Sift the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder, and mix gently
Step 4: Bake this for 20 minutes or until when you put a knife in the middle no residue is left on it
Step 5: If you wish for chocolate icing melt 250grams of butter and add it to 175grams icing sugar and whisk again with an electric whisk then fold 250grams of dark melted chocolate, you can then spread this icing over the cake and between the two sandwiched pieces.

And there you have it, our quick and easy chocolate cake to get you on your way to celebrating!

Chocolate Coloured Blinds

If you not only like the taste of chocolate cake but also that rich brown colour that they are then may we suggest our Splash Havana Vertical blind, Blackout Zorro Vertical blind, or Blackout Roast Vertical Blind – all lovely chocolate brown colours varying into colour from a lighter subtle brown to a darker richer brown (we wouldn’t’ recommend eating them however, no matter how yummy the colour may look), but if none of these take your fancy, how about you grab yourself a cup of tea and a piece of that freshly baked chocolate cake, kick your feet up on the sofa and have a browse of our website to see if anything takes your fancy.