Christmas Shopping List

With Christmas fast approaching you’re probably running around like a headless turkey trying to get everything ready, family will soon start arriving, the Brussel sprouts will need to be put on boil and those last few presents need to be wrapped.

Now if you're like millions of people across the country who have to spend their Christmas Eve madly buying last minute gifts but are dreading it we are here to help!

Christmas Shopping List

Now 7 out of 10 Christmas shoppers will be men so here are the 5 Christmas presents that we think your women will love, which you can purchase from the comfort of your own home.

Number 1: If your girl loves a selfie then this is the ideal gift, Kimmy K’s favourite, the LuMee selfie phone case. And you could even go one step further and get some of her favourite selfies put on marshmallows (yes this is a real thing)

Number 2: For the athletic type, a Fitbit, the perfect exercise companion with loads of great features to keep them motivated and reach their goals.

Number 3: For those that love music, how about an Amazon Echo, it can play your music, answers questions, controls lights, and much more, this is a present that will be very entertaining this Christmas.

Number 4: For the cosy at home type how about a pair of lovely and warm UGG slippers, they come in loads of different styles and colours you’ll easily find something that will suit your lady.

Number 5: New blinds, ok ok, we made that up, it might not be on any official top presents lists we’ve found however, with our wide variety of colours, fabric and styles a new set of blinds in your home for Christmas is something that we think would put a smile on their face, so why not take a look at our website for some blindsperation.

Christmas Shopping List