We have recently been sent a magazine from one of our suppliers The fabric box which had a page all about colours and what they mean. We thought this would be great for you to have a read through as well as some pictures of blinds to see what colour suits you.

Blue tones symbolise trust, honesty and loyalty. The colour blue will always make a person feel at peace and this is why the shade is popular in bedrooms as this is the place where people like to unwind after a hectic day.

Blue Tones

If the colour green is used in the home it will always feel like the outside is coming in, green is perfect for a kitchen as the kitchen window is often near a sink so when washing up you are able to look outside. Like blue the colour green is also very relaxing and will help a person to unwind.

Green Tones

The colour purple is great for a statement in a room and to offer some va va voom. It is said that offering the colour purple in the home will show someone to be outgoing, confident and creative.

Purple Tones

When using red it the home it is almost always a bright and vibrant colour. A warm shade of red is seen to increase the level of passion, red is almost always used in the kitchen or bedroom.

Red Tones

If you prefer the natural colour in a home this shows that you are practical because it is unlikely that you will want to redecorate any time soon. People who normally use soft and natural tones in a home will often have pictures and bright colour blinds in their home to offer a splash of colour.

The dark pink will always reflect romance and intimacy so if often used in a bedroom. The bright and baby pink also reflects innocence so is often used in a little one’s bedroom.

Pink Tones

Yellow will always make a person feel happy due to the fact that it reminds us of the sun shining. Yellow is often used in a kitchen as the kitchen is often the most used room in the home it can be very welcoming to guests that visit.

The colour orange will often reflect fun and playfulness. Orange is also a colour that is said to stimulate the appetite so if often used in the kitchen in the home.

Orange Tones