The time has come for my bedroom to be updated. My first thought was excitement but after a few moments the only question I had was “where do I start?” I know you are thinking, well, you work with blinds so start there but I’m actually thinking this is where I should finish because the possibilities for me are endless; rollers, verticals, woods, venetians or romans. Then, will the blinds be plain or patented? …. even writing this is giving me a headache but I wanted this project to be exciting so I started! I had the new Next Home book delivered so the timing was perfect. I have narrowed the bedding from Next I like to a few options below, which one do you like?

Bedroom Blinds  Bedroom Blinds

Looking through the new Next book then got me excited about my upcoming project (thankfully). The reason the above bedding stood out for me is because it is detailed but simple which I loved. Our bedroom is not the biggest and the bed is obviously the main part that you see, so for me the duvet has to be perfect. I think for these two options a white wooden blind would be perfect, with or without tapes! I have put the link below to the website as there are so many to choose from, but I think I am going to go for the gloss white which will really blend with the modern, pristine look I’m going for.

We have built in wardrobes in the bedroom which are very handy. They also have our drawers in so the only other things I need are bedside tables and lamps. I stayed with Next because I was so impressed with their book and the quality of their product is top quality and long lasting. Which of the below do you think would work with the above bedding and blind?

Bedroom Lamp  Bedroom Lamp  Bedroom Lamp


Bedroom Cabinet  Bedroom Cabinet

I would love to know your thoughts on the above combinations and what you think would work best. All the above items are from Next’s new book you should take a look at it, I think you may find yourself doing your own projects at home. If you do, then follow up by having a look at the blinds that we have to offer to match the high quality, long lasting items in your home.