Cancel New Years Resolutions 2018

Blogging about this day has become a bit of a New Year’s Resolution for us here at Blinds4uDirect so you probably know it well by now if you regularly read our blogs but in case you missed it last year 17th January is typically the day that people tend to give up on their new year’s resolutions. Here are some top tips for sticking to your resolutions:Cancel New Years Resolutions 2018

1. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure – picking a resolution which is too farfetched will make it seem so unattainable that you might want to do it at all. For example if you want to improve your health by working out, how about instead of insisting on yourself you lose X amount of weight by X time maybe try just challenging yourself to work out twice a week and eat a balanced died and watch your body change naturally rather than under pressure.

2. Home improvements – people often in the new year decide the home improvements are a must but decide to do so much so quickly it seems overwhelming, our top tip is split your home into segments for example do the lounge first starting with the blinds (see what we did there) this will feel like less hassle and work and probably end up getting quicker. Have a browse of our website to see what takes your fancy – we can even have samples of your favorite blinds sent to your door so there will be no hassle.

Cancel New Years Resolutions 20183. Reduce stress – according the google reducing stress is another resolution that people undertake, feeling stressed is a big health risk that some people don’t appreciate, try being mindful of your surroundings, be thankful for what you have and not worry about what others have and take care of yourself when you need to be taken care of, these three simple things can help reduce stress! And if they don’t help…we find retail therapy doesn’t go amiss.Cancel New Years Resolutions 2018

Favorite blind fabric this week:

Cancel New Years Resolutions 2018

This week’s favorite fabric on the website so far has been Verona Platinum