Fire Retardant Blinds

At Blinds4udirect we can also provide blinds for your office, it is important that your blinds comply with the correct laws when they are in an office or a building where the public will be. All our blinds are always made child safe so this is something that you do not have to worry about when ordering your blinds from us. It is important that you look at where the blinds are going so that they comply with the correct laws.

We have created a section on the website to allow buying your commercial blinds easily, you can also request free samples of the Uniview range so that you can match them to your office perfectly. The commercial range on the website will all have different numbers this is all down to the amount of light that is let in. Uniview fabrics are physically strong, washable and will not fray. They are fire retardant, non-toxic, UV resistant and bacteria resistant. All the above make these blinds perfect for offices and nurseries.

The numbers are the openness factor meaning that they will reduce both solar glare and brightness of the sun whilst still enabling a view to the outside – this feature is ideal for protecting privacy without losing touch with the outdoors, this feature makes keeping children safe with in a nursery environment. The blinds are perfect for any home as they do give a modern feel however, most people would use this blinds with in an office environment and somewhere that members of the public would visit.

The wipe able feature of these blinds mean that they could also be used in environments sure as doctors, hospitals or dentists because they are completely non-toxic and bacteria resistant which is perfect.