Half Term Week Feb 2017

This week is always a mixed feeling, as a mum of two its always so exciting to get to spend a whole week with my little ones but come Wednesday you realise that you have had all the craft activities out been to the park for a picnic everyday as well as a trip to the soft play area and bowling (which you need a mortgage for) so you need something else to keep the little ones entertained!

A few things below are what we are hoping to do this half term (My children are 4 and 8 months old)

1. Cakes – always a messy one but my boys love making (and eating cakes) Harry who is 4 normally ends up making his own which will consist of; co co powder, food colouring, salt, sugar, pasta and anything else that he can reach from the cupboards…. obviously we don’t eat his! Baking in our house will always take a while and the children really do love it, they love to be able to be a part of creating something and then watching it change into something edible. Logan is only 8months however, loves to play with the flour in his high chair and make even more mess for us to clean up! If you’re looking for a cake recipe look back in our blogs for a quick and easy chocolate cake recipe.

2. We also like to visit a forest near us which you only have to pay for the car parking and we always take a picnic, you are able to hire bikes for the day but we just take Harrys and then walk alongside him, this is obviously always weather permitting!! The time spent away the normal distractions at home like phones, Ipads and TV is great family time!

3. This half term we are also having an extra special treat (as we have vouchers to use) and visiting London zoo for the first time, we have heard such good things about London zoo that we cannot wait, when in London there are so many other things that you are able to do with your little ones and even though some can be pricy with a little research some can be very cheap or even free! We are looking at visiting the museums and the princess Diane park which are all pretty close and we think our boys will love.

What are your plans this half term, get in touch if you are doing anything extra special?