Happy New Year 2017


Most years many of us say that very well-known phrase “new year, new me” but with only 8% of us succeeding with our new year’s resolutions, how about making one this year you’ll definitely want to achieve.

Now we can’t help you lose weight (38% of people resolutions are weight related), make more money (34% of people’s resolutions are money related), or eat healthier (31% of people wanted to eat healthier) but we can help you improve your life in another way…by improving your home and nothing says a new year like a fresh new look to your home.

Now for a little history lesson:

The Romans were the first culture to celebrate January 1st as the new year back in 153 B.C and what great inspiration to help you when styling your home than the creators of the Vatican City and some of the most beautiful architecture in the world and what better part of the home to start with than your blinds.

Blinds in a home can have a big impact on your rooms, the right blind can give your home the perfect finish with very little hassle.
We’ve even made the selection process easy for you by providing some roman (pun instead) options below that even Michelangelo himself would be proud of.

2017 blinds
Script Natural / Verbier Bronze / English Rose Dove

But, if those aren’t for you how about a roller blind, these lovely ones shown below would look lovely in your new year, new home...

2017 blinds

Botanica Forget Me Not roller blind / Calista Ash / Grace Vintage