How to transfer a bay window

Bay windows are one of the hardest windows to measure up for but can be the most satisfying to have it all sorted out once they all beautifully slot into place perfectly and to make your job a little easier we have attached the measuring instructions below.

You can have a variety of windows fit in a bay window so the possibilities really are endless, many people choose to have rollers blinds or vertical blinds however because they are one of the most affordable styles of blinds which is ideal when you are having to buy several blinds for one bay window.

Below is a variety of fabrics just to get your ideas flowing for the type of colours and styles you would like – if none of these take your fancy why not look on the website to see what other lovely fabrics we currently have. We have loads more vertical blind options and wide selection of roller blinds and plenty of other completely different styles of blinds such as woods and visions.

Transforming a bay window

If you need anymore advice on measuring or blind style or fabrics for your bay window don’t hestitate to get in contact with us on 01362 857300 or you have live chat us on the website now!

Aria Cape Blind Fabric Davina Ivory Blind Fabric Legacy Thunder Blind Fabric Flossie Saffron blind Fabric Fall Cyan Blind Fabric
Seko Olive Blind Fabric Nina Mulberry Blind Fabric Splash Divine Blind Fabric Vitra Beige Blind Fabric Tropicana Blue Lagoon Blind Fabric

Measuring instructions:

Measuring a bay window for blinds

1. Firstly the widths, you must get 3 pieces of paper or card and label them A, B and C (the length of this paper isn’t important however the widths are see below:


2. Position the cut out pieces as per illustration above on the window sill, it’s important that B and C don’t overlap each other

3. The distance between the far left A and the far right B is the width of the first window (make a note of this)

4. Move A to the far right of the second window so that the layout is B C A, the distance between C and the newly positioned A is the width of the second window (make a note of this)

5. Now move cut out B to the left side of window 3 and move cut out C to the far right so that the layout is A B C again making sure A B don’t overlap – the distance between the new B and C is the width of the third blind (make a note of this)

6. For the drop measure each window individually and provide us with this measurement, ensuring you allow 5cm above the glass area for mounting the brackets

7. For bay windows with multiple parts repeat the process for all the parts to your bay


Do not make any reductions to what you have measured. We will make all deductions to ensure that the brackets will fit your blind size within the window sizes you provided.