An American past time the precedes the 1980’s is the ice cream soda also known as coke floats. The ice cream soda is a glass of soda known to us as a fizzy drink such as coke topped with ice-cream, usually vanilla (as shown above). This isn’t a drink that ever really took off in the UK so we felt it deserved it dues on this day that celebrates this drink (21st June). Here’s how you make it:

Coke Bottle

1. You will first need a milkshake glass, traditionally they would be made in a glass like the one shown here, but it can be made in anything. Place the glass in the freezer for a few minutes before you make your soda float to ensure maximum time to drink it

2. Add the fizzy drink of your choice – we recommend Coke.



Ice Cream soda Day 2017
3. Then add vanilla ice cream on top of your coke
4. Then top with whipped cream, cherries, sprinkles, marshmallows – whatever takes your fancy!

We may have just helped you find your new favourite drink or you may be thinking why on earth did I just make that, but it’s a fun experience new things?

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