Vitra Blinds

Now yesterday, January 17th is known as the day when most people give up their new year’s resolution up and if you took our new year resolutions advice back at the beginning of the year then you may have chosen your resolution to be do some home improvements, now we are here to make sure that although tempting, you don’t give up on your new year’s resolution. Here are some of the lovely material and styles we have:

This is the Splash Blush, it’s a lovely warm pink shade that is perfect for a bedroom, this delicate coloured blind is available in both a roller and a vertical blind to fit your every requirement.

Pink BlindsThis colour will make a beautiful colourful addition to your home and would suit various décor and although a bold colour choice with the correct furnishings this blind will make your room perfect.

But if pink isn’t your colour then take a look at some of our other gorgeous colour options we currently have to offer below.

How about trying something a little more adventurous and go for this bright lime green blind called Splash Vine, this too is available in a vertical or roller. It may be a quite a bold Green Blindsstatement however this will give you an instant pop of colour into your home and be a wonderful addition into various rooms. The bright but warm toned colour will make your blinds a focal point of the home.

If you’re looking for something in a blackout option then look no further than our blackout range, which you can purchase in either a roller of vertical, shown below is various colour options that the blackout blinds come in. Now blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms because they allow you to block out the external light fully so it doesn’t disturb your sleep or such like. The roller blackout and vertical blackouts work the same however, with a vertical you can filter the light how you wish because you can tilt the slats to allow the amount of light in that you wish.

Vitra Blinds

This is Vitra Roast, although this is a dark brown it would really suit a modern home or a room were a lot of colour has already been used and therefore a simple dark shade to bring down the overall apprearance of the room might be something you are looking to achieve, however, if this is too dark how about trying Vitra Beige or Vitra Cream – both lovely options to complete a room and not distract from focal pieces.

So, if you’re in the market for a simple no pattern blind in either blackout or no blackout then we’ll be sure to have an option for you in either our Splash range of blinds or Vitra range.