June's Birthstone

June is spoilt for choice with birthstones because there are two associated with June, Pearl being one and Alexandrite being the other. For this blog we are going to look at Alexandrite because it’s such a fascinating stone. Alexandrite gemstones are extremely rare and desirable since they change colour based on the lighting which you can see for these two images. Below is a selection of blinds that are similar shades to the colours that this gem stone can be in different lights.

All of the fabrics used in this blog are the Splash material, these are all non-blackout material so are best suited to rooms where some light can gently filter into the room without it disrupting things such as your sleep. Rooms such as dining rooms, playrooms, studies, bathrooms and such like would be the perfect rooms to include this fabric in.

Aspen Berry Vine Hawaii Sloe
Splash Aspen Blinds Splash Berry Blinds Splash Vine Blinds Splash Hawaii Blinds Splash Sloe Blinds

The Splash fabrics can be made into roller blinds or vertical blinds depending on your preferences, most people prefer to have vertical blinds when they aren’t blackout material because it just gives you that little bit more control for filtering the light as the slats can be fully open, fully closed, or tilted at different angles to allow different amounts of light in. All our blinds are completely child safe and comply to all child safety laws however an extra added child safety feature you can have on vertical blinds is the wand option so you can completely eliminate the need for cords.

Splash Blinds

If you like any of the fabrics featured in this blog you can find them under our verticals or rollers sections.