27th August Just Because Day

Today is the day you can do something without any reason or explanation… just because! Generally we do things because we have to, because we feel obliged or because we think it’s what is expected of us. But not today! Today there is no reason.
This could be a really fun day of the year – spontaneous and daring! Why? Just because!

Maybe you’ll go and visit an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, send some flowers to an old relative you’re thinking about, sign up to a new class, start a new hobby or just go for a peaceful walk by yourself in the August sunshine. You really could do anything, it may even be something you’ve been meaning to do for a while but haven’t got around to yet – and what better excuse to do it!

So whether you’ve been meaning to redecorate for a while or you suddenly feel like a revamp, why not try out a new blind… just because!

One of the new fabrics we have is the Treviso range which brings a bit of the outside inside (perfect if you wanted to feel inspired to go for that summers day walk). It is a stunning forest inspired design. This elegant and enchanting fabric is further brought alive with the mix of textured printing and metallic base.

Striking, boldly coloured trees come alive on the metallic base, contrasting with more subtle subdued tonal mixes of metallic base and tree.

Request samples to see the true beauty of this roller blind material which is available in 7 colours. The bright yellow tree option will especially add that extra splash of colour to your window - in this bright summer month why not?! Just because!