Kitchen Blinds

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our home so it is important that we have blinds that are perfect for their environment. We provide wipe down materials for a kitchen which are waterproof as most kitchen sinks can be quite close to the blinds so it is important that we make the blinds work for us. These waterproof blinds are available in roller and vertical materials so you will be spoilt for choice. We have put these on the website for you to have a browse through the colours available these materials are called Unilux.

If you are looking for a wooden blind for the kitchen there are now over 10 colours to choose from in the faux wood range. This range are plastic woods so perfect as they will no bow if they get wet and can again be wiped down from spills and splats of water very easily. The faux woods do not do well in warmer environments as they can bow so these would not be good in a conservatory.

If your windows are out the way in your home and you are happy to have any blind up at your window we have some beautiful prints that would work perfectly in your kitchen. On our website The ‘Tea for Two’ roller blind has tea pots and kettles on and is perfect if you are looking to add a splash of colour at the window or if you have red in your kitchen.

Our bestselling kitchen blind is the feathered friend’s material, this blind would look great in a cottage setting and is one of our most common kitchen blinds take a look and you will realise why this is such a big seller kitchen blind.
It is really important that you make the blind work with in your environment for example in my kitchen I have a bay window that is very difficult to get to. I have now added motorised roller blinds to the window and so glad that I did as I now do not have to climb on the bay window every morning and night just to open the blinds. The motorised roller blinds have recently been added to the website so take a look at the information provided and find out why these new blinds will be perfect for you.

We can send free samples out of any of our blinds and would recommend that you request to see these because different computers can show the blinds differently and we want you to be completely happy with your choice.