Lipstick Day 2017

It’s Lipstick Day today which means it’s time to celebrate a girls makeup bag staple, so paste on your favourite shade and go flaunt it.

Our blinds much like lipsticks come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Lipstick allows you to add character to your look, and blinds allow you to add character to your home. Here are some of our favourite blinds which will be sure to give your home the extra WOW factor.

Lipstick Day 2017

This range is called Paradise and it comes at both a vertical and roller. As you can see from the pictures it comes in four different colours shades each one as lovely as the next. They would all make such a nice visual impact on any room of your choice, our favourite is Paradise Cherise, the rich intense pink shade used the create the large bold leaf pattern contrasts perfectly against the lightly striped grey background, but if pink isn’t your thing then the other shades are also exquisite.

Lipstick Day 2017Another bold statement piece blind we currently have available is Woodland Silver Birch, this is one of our favourite pattern blinds for us here in the office. This blind would be a really nice asset for a dining room or kitchen, it’s not too much colour so if you’ve already chosen you’ve statement colours in your home this blind won’t ruin that but will simply enhance the room. The pattern is a long linear pattern so it would also be good for a small room as it’s will help make it feel elongated because vertical patterns are lengthoning, so it would give off the illusion of extra height in the room.

This fabric is called Como and it comes in three different shades called Alba, Lago, Ocre (in order as shown above). The colours are stroked across bodly in a swishy unregulated excentric pattern. The colours look like they have a beautiful water colour effect which makes the colours not too bold just enough to be visually interesting and appealing to the eye. 

Lipstick Day 2017

Como Alba incorporate dark grey, washed grey and a rich orange clay colour that stripes infrequently horizontally over the blind. Como Alba incorporates dark blue, washed grey and a vibrant cobalt blue that stripes infrequently horizontally over the blind. Como Ocra incorporate dark indigo, washed grey and a rich chartreuse colour that stripes infrequently horizontally over the blind. The colours in this blind would work wonderfully for a vibrant kitchen.

If you like any of these patterns included in this blog and would like to see a sample don’t forget you can get in contact with us on our live chat or call to request some samples!