London Marathon 2017

The first ever London Marathon was held on the 29th March 1981. The London Marathon is a long distance running event set in London over a flat course around the River Thames. The first marathon had 7,741 entrants back in 1981 and they now have more than 250,000 people enter the ballot for then just 50,000 to be selected. The race is a Guinness World Records largest annual fundraising event IN THE WORLD and has raised over £750 million for charity in the 36 years it’s been running (pardon the pun). It is a prestigious and staple London event to take part in but not only that there is also a whopping million-pound prize… now that could buy you a lot of blinds!!

Roman and Roller BlindsNow if running isn’t your thing, and your much more a sit on the couch and watch the race on television kind of person (like us) then how about instead bringing a splash of London to your house with these blinds:

London is nothing if not known for the it’s busy streets, there are in fact 2.56 million cars licensed in London at the moment, so how about a car themed roman blind (Name: Motor Madness) for your kid’s room to give you the feel of those crazy road (this blind even has the iconic bright red buses on it). This fun blind will be sure to get you speeding into the good books with your little ones.

Or how about blind a roller blind with lots of fun and colourful houses reminiscent of different the different coloured homes you find in Chelsea (Name: Little Town). This pattern is also a great option for a kid’s room or playroom.Roller Blind

But if you’re looking for something a little more grown up these lovely patterned blinds look like they could have just been plucked out of an upmarket penthouse overlooking the beautiful city of London.













This silk emblem patterned roman blind has a lovely swirly pattern (Name: Verbier Grey) which gives it a lovely royal majestic feel. This blind comes in a grey version, a bronzer version (Name: Verbier Bronze) and a blue version (Name: Verbier Teal), all of them are lovely options as they are cosy colours tones with interesting silk like finishes.

Roman blind