Make your dream come true day

Now this may sound like a made-up event, but the good people powering Google search have reassured me that January 13th is Make Your Dream Come True Day, so if you’ve got a dream that you’ve been wanting to come true but haven’t managed to find the time to make it happen, then today is the perfect opportunity.

As per Forbes (2013) 84% of home owners plan to redecorate their homes and one cost effective method to change the look of your home without too much disruption to your lives, that will still make your home feel renovated, is by changing your blinds.

So, take this day to move in the direction of your dreams, because you’re only a couple steps away from accomplishing!
Shown below are some beautiful roman blinds for all you dreamers out there. Because it is still chilly so you’re probably looking for a blind that will make your home feel warm and cosy during those winter evenings and block out all that rain. How about one of these lovely options below?

 Make your dream come true

Artisan Chartreuse Roman Blind /  Labyrinth Lavender Roman Blind / Artisan Teal Roman Blind

Or how about some verticals? Verticals are a low-cost space saving alternative to curtains and a great way to inject some colour into your home.

Splash Cinnabar Vertical Blind   Splash Cinnabar Vertical Blind
The rich orange in this blind will leave your home feeling pleasantly snug and inviting and help keep the warm in and the cold out as those winter evenings drag out.
Estella Raspberry Vertical Blind   Estella Raspberry Vertical Blind
This beautifully deep purple blind will give your home an air of sophistication, the dark tone will not only be eye catching to your guests but also a make your home feel intimate and friendly.


And if none of these wonderful options take your fancy then why not have an explore of the website for more gorgeous options.