The Blinds4uDirect Team

This is our lovely team, and in today’s blog we are going to introduce you to everyone so you can get a feel for who we are and see just where your blinds are coming from.

We are a family run business with a factory based in the heart of Norfolk. Andy is the owner with wife Hayley, all their five children work alongside them and have done for many years to build the business to what it is today. With the help of everyone we produce and send out hundreds of blinds a day.

Lets work from left to right in order, along the back row first

Firstly is Neo, Neo works part time alongside college in the factory packing up all your vertical headrails and rollers.Next is Claire, she with Zoey to her right put the weights and hangers in all the vertical slats, then chains them together and packs them up ready to go out to you. Next to Zoey is Charlie, Charlie can do various jobs in the factory however he is currently making roller blinds. Dan follows, similarly to Charlie Dan is an all rounder but his main job currently is cutting all the wooden blinds slats and pelmets to size so they are perfect for you home. Jordan is next to Dan and he, with Charlie, makes roller blinds. Jordan is next to Josh and they are brothers, Josh is factory manager so oversees everyone’s roles while also completing his tasks such as cutting the vertical slats, making sure all the parcels are labelled up with your addresses, checking and ordering stock and much more. Mitch follows, he cuts all the vertical headrails to size and is also trained in cutting the wooden blinds. In front of Mitch is me, Millie, I work in the office in a general administrative role and customer services, next to me is Christie, she is office manager and works to progress the business while completing her day to day roll of office administration, Christie is part of the family too and is a sister to Josh and Jordan. Next to Christie is the managing director and owner of Blinds4uDirect, Andy, he is the dad to Josh, Jordan, Christie, Caysey and Laura. He began as a carpenter and has turned his hands to blinds, his 15 years’ experience in the industry mean he’s the go to guy in the business for all departments. Hayley is next to Andy she is his wife and is Mum. Hayley has done various roles in her time at Blinds4udirect but is currently head of accounts. Caysey is next the 4th sibling, she along with myself and Christie work in the office as a general manager, her role includes being first point of call for all the factory workers with any queries, customer services, administration and more. Laura is the 5th sibling and she too has many roles, firstly she manages the woods department, she is in charge of all ordering and disrupting, she also cords up all the lovely woods we supply you with. Another of Laura’s roles is staff liaison, any holiday requests, sick days, and general staff morale goes through Laura. After Laura is Jan, Jan’s main roll is stitching the vertical slats however when we are particularly busy she is also trained in cutting the vertical slats and can pitch in with Claire and Zoey. Beside Jan is the newest member of our team Sue, Sue has a similar role to Jan, she primarily stitches but it also able to help Claire and Zoey. We have also recently taken on an apprentice called Nick who will be trained in various roles around the factory however currently works with Neo packing.

Andrew Price

Andrew Price