Motorised Roller Blinds Controller

With motorised roller blinds you are making the blinds in your home completely child safe so they are perfect for peace of mind with little ones. We all know that growing children means increased curiosity which is why here at Blinds4udirect we make child safe a priority when manufacturing our blinds. Our motorised roller blinds are completely child safe with no cords or chain present.

Simply select the amount of remote controls and chargers that you need for your blinds, the remotes can operate up to 5 blinds on the same remote. There is no wiring required for these blinds so perfect for your home. Using the remotes on the motorised blinds you will be able to open and close the blinds as well as setting them to any point at the window that you like enabling complete control of the light in your home.

The remote controls for these motorised roller blinds are sleek and will fit in well in a modern home environment. We think it is brilliant how technology has come along meaning that there are now even more possibilities in your home for motorised roller blinds. This product is also great if you have a high window in your home or a bay window that is not easily accessible.

These motorised roller blinds can be used in any room in your home and with most roller blind materials. It doesn’t matter if you are using the product for the harder to reach windows, a child safety option for a child window or for convenience a motorised roller blind is definitely for you.