Motorised rollers are a sure-fire way to add a touch of luxury to your home. You must have seen it in the movies, when the star is in bed and they simply press a button and their blinds drift open, well have you ever wanted to do that? So, on a lazy Sunday morning you can just wake up, and open your blinds from the comfort of your cosy bed! The whole blind is simply operated by a touch button on a remote, what could be easier? If this sounds all pretty perfect well then look no further because we have a wide range of motorised roller blind fabrics, so you’ll be sure to find something you love.

Motorised Roller Blinds Remote ControllerMotorised rollers are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms because they allow you to filter the amount of light coming through at any given time.

All the blinds are complete child safe because they don’t have any chain, they are simply operated by the remote. Each remote can operate up to five blinds in your home so if you want more than one motorised blinds in your home you don’t need to over clutter with multiple remotes (unless you want to). Each blind comes with a charging lead which is 3m long, however, the charge should last on average six weeks if you simply just open and close the blinds once a day, however, as you can appreciate if you are opening and closing the blinds more frequently then you will need to charge the blind sooner.

Now you know all the logistics of a motorised roller blind, take a look at just a few of the material options:

Reflection GraphiteThis pattern is called Reflection Graphite and it is one of the many fabrics available in as a motorised roller, it’s a lovely metallic pattern which gives a relaxed feel with its subtle, dainty branch design and flower buds. The colour blue is said to have a calming influence so this blind will be a perfect option for your bedroom to help you drift off to sleep in peace.



Liberty Azure Motorised Roller BlindWhile we are on the conversation of what colours represent did you know that green symbolises freshness so what an ideal colour option when choosing a blind for your bedroom (name: Liberty Azure), there’s very few things that feel better than waking up refreshed from your sleep and ready for the day. This green floral blind could help you feel just like that. The beautiful dappled watercolour pattern is delicate and lovely.

Fiery RedThis leaf and vine pattern design comes in a fiery red shade. This burst of colour will be a real showpiece in your home, combine the fabulous colour and sweet little pattern with the fact it’s motorised and you on to a winning combination. The simple pattern in an off white means there are no distractions from the warming background, so why not go for something on the brighter side to vivify your home?




Now we’ve just shown you three of the wonderful options available but if you didn’t see anything here that takes your fancy but your looking for a motorised roller blind, then simply click on the ‘motorised roller’ icon above and browse at your leisure, and if you need any help, you can chat to us online or give us a call, we are happy to help!