Napping Day 2017

Now prepare yourselves because this may be the best holiday ever but March 14th is Napping Day, yes, you heard that correctly, napping day, now I’ve never been one to need an excuse to nap, but if one is presented to me I’m sure to take it.

There are three essential things for when taking the perfect nap, firstly you’ll be needed a lovely fluffy blanket, then try and find yourself somewhere where there’s some peace and quiet and lastly a nice dark room. Now the first two are up to you, but we are definitely able to help with blocking out the light so you can rest peacefully without any light disturbances. We offer a blind range of black out blinds including roller blinds, vertical blinds and roman blinds, so you’ll be sure to have no trouble finding something to suit your style.

We’ve selected a few colours below from our Unilux range which are available as verticals which we think would be the perfect accompaniment for your napping room.

Napping Day 2017 - Powder Blue Blind   This powder blue option is ideal to help to drift off peacefully to dreamland, the serene colour will make it impossible to resist the pull of sleeping.
Napping Day 2017 - Soft Grey Blind   The soft grey is ideal for modern rooms or rooms with a neutral colour palette. This crisp colour of this blind will make you feel even cosier under your blanket and entice you quietly off to sleep.
Napping Day 2017 - Butter Blind   If you need complete peace in your room and mellow colours are all that you want, then this lovely butter coloured blind will be ideal. This simple blind can help you shut the world away and enjoy this lovely holiday, so sit back, relax and start counting those jumping sheep. You’ll be enjoying this holiday in no time!

Colours used in this blog: 

Unilux Powder Blue Vertical Blind
Unilux Grey Vertical Blind
Unilux Butter Roller Blind