National Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day

July 1st celebrates National Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day! Whether you indulge in the light green of mint, or the dark brown of chocolate we’re sure there’s a flavour out there for everybody! Just like there’s a blind out there for everybody no matter what your personal style or taste!

So it’s time to get creative! In light of this day, we thought we’d celebrate all of our differences! You may love pristine whites, vibrant reds, cool blues or sophisticated blacks. You may even like a mix of two!.. or three…or four or more! We offer multi-coloured verticals, where you could have alternating slats of two colours or we even had a client who wanted a rainbow coloured blind.

We also offer woods with tapes. You could choose tapes which either match the colour of the wood or completely oppose it! If you’ve got that monochrome theme, you could have a white wooden blind with jet black tapes or vice versa.

We love contrast and new ideas here at BlindsPlus. Here are a few, some may say, quirky combinations! Let’s celebrate our individual quirks! In your head these colours may be a big ‘no no’ but with the right accessories who knows what you could be open to… Alternatively, they may confirm to you exactly what you don’t want! Either way – lesson learnt! We hope you enjoy exploring the options. Just like ice cream, sometimes the most unlikely flavours make for the best combination!