National Floral Design Day

February 28th sees National Floral Design Day! Marking the last day of February, ready for the coming month of March, the bringer of spring. So what better way to celebrate the budding flowers of spring then with some of our floral designs, from dainty to booming bold!

Our Nina range offers a soft toned, metallic pattern giving a relaxed, natural feel with its subtle dainty branch design.
The Country Garden Spring Glade blind depicts a country garden which instantly gives a calm, tranquil feel. A citrus burst of vines, bluebells and butterflies. The plants are rooted at the bottom of the blind with their loose petals scattering scarcely upwards and summer insects drifting throughout towards the flowers. This blind portrays the busy processes of nature in the ground which gradually result in a flower's bloom. Perfect to get in the mood for spring!

The Ditsy Citrus blind is an intricate assortment of tiny clover like flowers, perfect if you are looking to achieve a light, airy, summery feel in your room. With the combination of blues and greens, this citrus blind gives a fruity, fresh vibe that is ideal for a kitchen.

Maisy Rainbow is a natural based blind illustrated with multi-coloured vines flowing upwards which gives the impression they are weaving up a trellis. The individual vines are colours of the rainbow, giving a bright, colourful feel to any room. The leaves are in pairs on either side of the stalk travelling upwards and they have shadows behind them in different colours which gives a 3D like effect.

Our Liberty blinds offer a floral design with a mixture of colours on a white background. The flowers are splashed on as if they are a water colour painting and give an impressionist feel.

The Calista range has dandelion seeds fluttering vertically down the blind in combinations of colours.
The Grace blind is a soft, elegant, traditional blind with its blooming flowers and swirling leaves, giving a rich, luxurious feel to your room.

The Bloom range offers a solution for traditional and modern homes. The large, blooming flowers and baby buds will be eye catching at your window in their bold colours, whilst the light coloured stems support them.

So take your pick in preparation for the spring months! Whether you want subtle, budding flowers or booming bold flowers, we have the perfect floral blind for you!