National Macaroon Day 2017

If your mouth, like ours(!), is now watering and you’re thinking Macaroon’s day has answered your prayers, (not that we need an excuse to eat delicious treats!) but if you wanted one, well here is a gift from us to you!

We were going to tell you how to make macaroon’s but after researching the recipe, our sweet tooth expertise says buy them, they seem like rather difficult little things to make and there’s no need to overcomplicate the day. We suggest popping down to your local M&S – you can’t go wrong...

Until you pop to the shops how about browsing our macaroon coloured blinds to pass the time:

Splash Vine Blind  
 This is Splash Vine or a Pistachio macaroon depending on how you look at it and can be made as a roller blind or a vertical blind.  
  Splash Kiss Blind 
  This is Splash Kiss but we see it as a yummy raspberry macaroon, this blind can also be made as a roller blind or vertical blind.
Vitra Teal Blind  
This is Vitra Teal, the enjoyable mint flavored macaroon. If this blind takes your fancy you can have it made in either a roller blind or a vertical blind.  
  Lemon Macaroon Blind
  Vibrant and bright, this delicious lemon macaroon blind looks good enough to eat. Check it out on our website.
 Estella Lava Blind  
And the pièce de résistance is Estella Alava, the best of all the macaroon’s – chocolate flavour – mmmm!  


We hope we’ve helped you pick your perfect blind and not made you too hungry! If you need anymore help you can either live chat us or give the lovely girls in our office a ring – happy shopping!