National Swap Ideas Day

September 10th is annual Swap Ideas day. This day encourages all to share and discuss ideas - you give an idea and they trade with you in return. You could share concepts on a one to one basis or as a larger group. Why not make an event of it and get a group together to discuss concepts in a fun, friendly, social setting. You could receive a fabulous idea from somebody that you could then pass down to somebody else next year. You should have plenty of ideas to be thinking about by the end of the day!

Here at BlindsPlus, we have decided to take our different tastes and mix them together to try and inspire some new blind combinations.
I am more of a brown, natural, wooden inspired person. My favourite blind is the Kendo material which is an open weave design using thick, multi-coloured yarn. With its woven mat texture, this blind gives a natural, rustic feel to a room.

Seeing as this is quite a plain, base blind which could easily be accessorised, I then asked my colleague what they thought would a good pairing with this blind. They selected the ‘Marrakesh’ blind - East meets West with this Moroccan inspired, luxurious velvet, patterned blind. Based on an ivory silk background, this eastern influenced blind catches the light perfectly with its geometric trellis design. The contrasting white medieval pattern on blue gives you a bold statement at your window.

When we put the two together, we found it worked splendidly! They complimented each other to really emphasise that eastern feel. The pairing would be finished wonderfully with lots of wooden and eastern influenced accessories such as oil lamps and golden candlesticks. I had never even considered this combination, so just one conversation with somebody sharing thoughts could have potentially altered my room theme and given it that little bit extra!

Marrakesh Veda Blinds

Marrakesh Veda



Kendo Vertical Fabric