New Blinds Colours

Newwwwww colours alerts!

One our suppliers have brought out a new faux woods swatch with lots of lovely new colours which will soon be available to you. Like many of the other suppliers they have carried out market research and added more grey tones which are becoming increasingly popular. Fauxwoods are strong slats which can cope with even the most challenging of environments, making them an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms, these blinds are not recommended for conservatories or rooms with extreme temperature however they are perfect for most environments because they won’t warp.New Blinds Colours

These are the 8 new fabulous colours:
Astral, Berry Brown, Cirrus, Flint, Greige, Metro White SP, Tenne and Vellum White SP

The breakdown:

  • Astral: Is a lovely grey with a wood grain look and is available in 38mm and 50mm slats 
  •  Berry Brown: Is the darkest of all the new shades and is a very realistic dark oak colour which is available in just 50mm slats
  • Cirrus: This is a white wood with a grey grain, ideal for a modern home. 50mm slats are available
  • Flint: This is a slightly darker grey which a little brown scattered through the slat, similar to the Astral but more brown. 50mm slat size only
  • Metro White SP: This colour is as it says it’s white but slightly textured to look like more realistic wood, white is ideal for a modern home or a room your looking to brighten up. 50mm only.
  • Tenne: This is a mid brown wooden blind, with a grain through, this is one of the most realistic wood colours if that is the look you want. 50mm slats. 
  • Vellum White SP: This is a slightly creamer white than the Metro White so its slightly softer. 50mm only.

We can supply samples of any of the above and they are recommended because slat colours can look different on each person’s monitor. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order so simply pop us over an email with your sample request and we can get this sorted for you.

We don’t have the Fauxwoods here on site though so they do take slightly longer to process. However they are worth the wait!

New Blinds Colours