Commercial Blinds


Our new commercial blind range

We have a brand new commercial collection of roller blinds, perfect for office, hotel and restaurant environments.

The Uniview range provide transparent solar shading solutions. Uniview fabrics are physically strong, washable and will not fray. They are fire retardant, non-toxic, UV resistant and bacteria resistant. The specialist screen fabric has an openness factor of 3% so reducing both solar glare and brightness of sun whilst still enabling a view of the outside- ideal for protecting privacy without losing touch with the outdoors. Uniview offers the insulating properties of the buildings glazing, so heat gains can be maximized in winter and reduced in the summer. The range of colours available also make this blind easily adaptable to any themed room. From pearly whites, to chocolates, to blacks, you could find a blind for your cosy, country room or your modern, slick office.

Here at Blinds4uDirect, we offer The Uniview 1000, Uniview 3000 and Uniview 3200 Superfine range. They all offer a 3% openness factor so all equally reduce solar glare and brightness of sun, however the newest range, the Uniview 3200 Superfine, are a slightly thinner and lighter fabric as they have a slightly more opened weave. The free construction of the fabric allows for easy operation without compromising protection and ensuring a better diffusion of light.

Controlling the energy of solar heat and light has a considerable effect on the energy needs of a building. It is a key element for improving energy efficiency and daylight management of buildings.

So the Uniview range offer a cost effective and modern, attractive solution to the needs of your business. For practicality and style, this is the blind for you!