Pastel Trends

I was reading the Decora magazine ‘The view’ this morning and became very excited by the ‘Pastel Revolution’ article. It mentioned how it has been predicted that the new interior buzz next summer is set to be the pastels. I had a smile on my face from start to finish! I am in love with all of the pastel colours and think they look amazing in any room and fit most decors.

I also hope that this article was a little hint of what we have to look forward to with Decoras new book being released in October, as there aren’t many pastel colours available for the rollers or verticals at the moment. I am also going to be looking for a new blind in the New Year for my baby’s room and a pastel pink or blue will work perfectly for the theme I want for our new nursery. I came up with the idea of the babies nursery after reading another article called ‘How colour affects my baby’ and it was stated how the pastel blues, pinks and greens are seen by your new born as calming which, let’s be honest, we all want. I used to think things like this were just a classic case of wives tales, but it does make sense. At 3am after the feed would you feel more relaxed and ready to sleep in a pastel pink room or a deep red room?

Pastel colours also look great in other rooms around the house not just the babies nurseries. They are seen as being comforting and welcoming in a home. The pastel colours have recently taken a shift into a more sophisticated palette so if this is the theme that you are looking for in your home then pastels are the way forward and we hope to have more options available in the new year.