Team GB

It’s time to fly those flags again as the 5th of August sees the start of the summer Olympics in Rio! That exciting time is upon us again. I cannot believe it has been four years since we hosted the last games – what a proud moment in time for Great Britain.

So it’s time to get behind our athletes and support the great GB! Let’s get those brilliant blues, rich reds and bright whites up at our windows!

If you’re looking for plain deep blues, our Splash Reign blind is a perfect deep sea blue colour. If you’re looking for a deep blue colour in blackout material then look no further than our Vitra Imperial material - a royal, sophisticated deep blue to keep that cool, calm feel in any room. If you want to be cheering on our athletes whilst relaxing in your bath being thankful you’re not in racing in that heat, then the Unilux Imperial blind offers not only a blue blind with blackout lining but it is also an easy wipe material so perfect for those rooms that produce moisture.

For those vibrant red shades, take a look at our Splash Scarlet blind – a deep, luscious colour providing that warm, welcoming feel in your home. The blackout option for this is Vitra Flame, a rich red also giving you the added extra of shutting out all unwanted sunlight. The easy wipe version of this is Unilux Lava - perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms.

With bright whites, the options really are endless! For that pristine look, our Splash Paper gives that crisp, pure feel. The plain white blackout blind is Vitra White. Even though it is white it still blocks out all unwanted sunlight for those who aren’t quite ready to get out of bed and run a race! Unilux White is our easy wipe material, for those fresh bathrooms!

So have a browse! Are you a cool blue kind of person, a warm red person, or a pristine white kind? Or maybe you’re a true patriot and want a combination of all three colours - perfect solution if you’ve got a bay window and need three separate blinds! Have some fun this Olympic month! Enjoy the games - Let’s get behind team GB!