Roman Blinds Made on Site

Roman Blinds Made On SiteWe have some exciting news to announce, we have started manufacturing Roman Blinds and curtains on site! We are excited about this area of the business and we know that many of our customers have been looking for made to measure curtains and Roman blinds for some time. Roman blinds are already listed on the website so we are now going to be able to offer them at more affordable prices. We will also be working on the site over the next few weeks to add extras on them to make them even more personalised for you and your home as these are now made on site we have the flexibility to create them.

Roman Blinds Made On SiteRoman blinds are great for the bedroom, dining room and living room in the home. The reason for this is they are a high end material made from soft cloth material so they add a touch of luxury in the home. (Picture right) They say a picture speaks a thousand words and everything about this picture makes me wish that my bedroom was like this the curtain and the roman blinds detail is perfect and they complement each other perfectly.

Roman Blinds can be used in a children’s bedroom however, they are not always a first choice due to the cost of them however, some parents want to add this soft feel into their little ones homes. Many of the Roman blinds can have an added extra of blackout lining to allow you to hopefully get a little more shut eye!Roman Blinds Made On Site

If you are looking at a plain roman blinds we also offer these on the site as you can see from the picture (left) you will not loose the true beauty of a roman blind if it does not have a pattern. This customer has got the interior perfect in their bedroom by adding curtains in a similar colour. Keep your eyes peeled as we are hoping to have curtains follow on the site too which will also be manufactured from our factory!