Spring Blinds 2016

Spring is here, the flowers have started to appear, there are rainbows in the sky and everything seems a little brighter. Spring is a favourite season for many people - we start to feel a little warmer and butterflies are adding a splash of colour to the world around us.

The Fabric Box has a whole new collection dedicated to the colours of spring. Many of the materials will also add a touch of gentle femininity to your room which works perfectly in any bedroom. The colours that are available in this range offer a calming effect so will work perfectly if you are looking for a minimalistic feel to your bedroom. The Rose coloured material now available is like a serene sunset, flushed cheek or budding flower- this will work perfectly in any little girl’s room to add a light-hearted feel in the spring months.

Here at Blinds4udirect we are noticing more dusky colours available as we move on with current trends. As you can imagine, these colours are perfect for the season of spring if you are thinking of adding light colours to your home.
Cleaning is also associated with spring - many say they are doing their ‘spring clean’ so this is a perfect time to be able to create a new calmer space within your home - the bedroom is a perfect place to start. As a mum there is not much time to yourself so when the children have gone to bed and you have your wind down time it is important to have a stress-free area to reflect on the busy day that you have had. Take a look at the soft colours and textures available on the website this spring to help you achieve this feel in your bedroom.

In the new collections I have also noticed softer prints and floral designs which again work perfectly with the current season. Most of these prints are available in roller blinds which work well with in a bedroom because you are able to fit them outside the recess allowing less light to enter your bedroom. Some of these blinds are available with blackout backing which is perfect for those who need uninterrupted sleep during the lighter hours. I fell in love with the Evita style so fitted this blind within the recess of my bedroom, but as this was not blackout I matched a plain blackout blind and fitted this on the outside of my window which has given me the shabby chic feel that I wanted from the printed blind as well as the practicality of blackout with in the bedroom. The possibilities with roller blinds are endless.