Spring 2018

As of 20th March, Spring officially Sprung into action. Spring refers to the season after Winter and before Summer and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth – and in keeping with that theme how about redecorating your home to give it a new lease of life?Spring Lamb

Here at Blinds4uDirect we have Spring coloured blinds and floral blinds so if you fancy adding a bit of Spring to your home this March take a look at these lovely plain and patterned blinds below.

Here are four lovely Spring inspired blind colours all of which can come as a roller blind or vertical blind depending on your personal preference. The lovely thing about Spring is all of nature’s colours change from the dull browns and greys of winter to bright pinks, blues, and yellows - the flowers all began to bloom and cute little baby animals start popping up all over, how glorious – spring truly is a lovely time of year!

If a plain fabric isn’t for you how about taking a look at the floral blind patterns we have put below for you to peruse.

This blind has the Spring in the title so is most definitely the perfect choice, this is Country Garden Spring Glade and it is available as a roller blind. Spring Glade is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of homes because the bold colours are on a simple white background. This roller blind depicts a country garden which instantly instils a calm and tranquil feel. The blind incorporates a citrus burst of vines, bluebells and butterflies. The plants are rooted at the bottom of the blind with their loose petals scattering scarcely upwards and summer insects that are drifting throughout towards the flowers.

Spring BlindsCountry Garden is just one of many floral and Spring inspired blinds we have listed on our website so take a look on there if nothing in this blog takes your fancy. If you need any help with choosing a blind, don’t hesitate to contact the helpful girls in the office on 01362 857300 or live chat us now – someone is always happy to help with any questions or queries you may have.

Spring 2018