Blackout Blinds. Perfect for summer

Blackout Blinds - Perfect for summer!

Summer is here! This means that the brighter mornings are also here. With a 4.35am sunrise this morning, there were probably a lot of early wake up calls with the sun beaming in through your windows. Our blackout range offers a solution to enable a somewhat more reasonable time to rise...

Those of you with children can have a little extra time before your kiddies come running into the room, as the blackout blinds block out the light, so it will seem too dark to be awake to them. There are also lots of fun designs for children’s rooms too, so during the waking hours they can add to the playful theme of your child’s room.

Blackout blinds are also the perfect solution for shift workers who need sleep during the day without the disturbance of light. The blackout material also keeps rooms cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter as it has a protective white coating on one side, optimising heat and light reflection. A benefit for all seasons of the year!

Our blackout blinds are available with a spring loaded control system which means they are completely child safe so you can rest in peace. If you would prefer cord controls though, these can also be made child safe with playful devices such as cars, hearts and flowers to attach them to the walls with no dangling contraptions.

Fitting the blind outside of the recess provides the optimum light blocking as there are no gaps around the window to let light seep in. Our exciting new products in stock this month, the cassetted roller blinds, also offer this total blackout luxury with their energy saving side rails, preventing light flowing through the small gaps at the window frame.

So if you’re looking for a solution to your child’s early rising or your partners changing sleeping pattern due to shift work, why not try our cost-effective blackout blinds. The quality of sleep will be worth it. Now summer is finally here, best not to waste it being tired!