Teddy Bears Picnic Day 2018

Today is Teddy Bears' Picnic Day but seeing as it’s early January we appreciate it’s not the ideal park picnic weather right now so instead how about setting a pillow tent in the middle of your living room and treat your kids’ teddy bears to a picnic there?

Brown Blinds

We thought we would celebrate the day in our own little way by showing you some of our lovely teddy bear brown blinds which you can see below. Brown has always been a good selling colour because it’s a nice warm shade and isn’t too harsh on any room. It doesn’t inject a lot of colour into the room so does fit seamlessly into any style home.Brown Blinds

Brown BlindsThis blind is called Verbier and it is a roman blind fabric. is an elegant blind fabric with a damask print in a grey silk stitching. A symbolic type pattern almost resembling an emblem, giving a majestic feel to your room.

Splash Havana is a plain roller blind which can look beautiful in any room. If you are hoping to keep things simple at your window but accessories in your room then this is the blind for you. Vitra Roast is a brown blackout blind, we recommend blackout blinds for bedrooms and livings rooms because they are rooms where you would want to block out all outside light.

This fabric can be made into a vertical or roller blind whichever fits best for your needs. Natural Osprey is another lovely brown blind we have on offer with a floral and bird print, Osprey would work really well in a variety of homes and colour schemes.

As you can see in the picture on the right it is being used in a children’s room but this fabric is so versatile it could also work anywhere in a home because it’s not a bright colour and the bold print is also really nice and unintuitive.