Thanksgiving is upon us, a time to be grateful for our blessings. It is traditionally celebrated on the fourth of November of every year in the USA, giving thanks to the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year. Families travel to be together to count the blessings of the people they love and enjoy turkey, pumpkin pie and lots more as a reminder of the Pilgrims first harvest in the New World, where their feast lasted three days.

We feel it is a very important notion to count your blessings and is a concept which could be appreciated by all nations – we all have loved ones from different parts of the world after all. If some of your loved one are too far away to visit you for these holidays, why not bring a bit of their home to yours with our Hipster roller blind. With famous landmarks - The Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, etc – the whole world is at your window. If you have loved ones that can’t be with you, you can have a little reminder of where they are and that the world is a small, connected place. The blind is black and white and creates a bold, modern feel to your home.

The Script Natural Roman Blind is also a cosy reminder that you can all stay connected. Based on a camel coloured backing, giving the feel of old, archaic paper, there are snippets of different pieces of writing and collections of different stamps. In these modern times, with advancing technology and computers, this italic, handwritten theme gives an authentic, rustic, personal feel to your home. It might even inspire you to write to your loved one far way. I know I get excited when I receive something that isn’t a bank statement through the door!

However if you do have your loved ones close by, they may be coming to yours for turkey! So if you need to be the top hostess and want to have a blind that is set to impress, why not take a look at our luxurious roman blind selection. The Elspeth range, available in jet, ivory and plum, is a popular choice. This rich, antique effect blind has fine, spiralling leaves curling and entwining around the fabric. A classic, elegant design adaptable to a traditional or contemporary room.

I you want to keep with the autumn theme in your home, the Darwin Red blind is a fine choice. It is fantastic if you are trying to bring an exotic, eastern vibe to your room with vibrant reds or earthy tones. The dark red delicate leaf design with the stems entwining are complimented by the chocolate brown base.

So whether you’re sharing your blessings with those close by or being grateful from afar, there are blinds to entertain those with you and blinds to bring a bit of the distant a bit nearer. Have a wonderful celebration, enjoy your food, drink and most importantly the people you are thankful for in your life.

Thanksgiving 2015