Blinds for the nursery

When you are expecting a baby creating a nursery can be both a fun and scary time for parents. It is all about creating an environment that is calm where you baby will hopefully get as much sleep as possible but also practical for parents. First of all, it is important that your child is going to be safe in the nursery, all our blinds are child safe and made with your little ones in mind however, we always recommend that you do not put the cot near the window in the bedroom.

Raising children is very expensive so when creating the perfect nursery think out the long hall, cot beds are great because they grow with your little one meaning you will not have to purchase another bed for a few years. Many nursery wardrobes are for small coat hangers so bear this in mind when purchasing one for the nursery, if you buy one that fits adult coat hangers this will also save you money. In our nursery I like everything to have a place meaning that the area is tidy and perfect when your little ones start to move as they will be into everything! Many of the cot beds can also fit a draw under them which is perfect for extra storage and to hide things away from little hands. As well as the draws the changing mat that can fit on the top of cots are perfect so you don’t have to keep bending down to change little once nappy on the floor in the middle of the night. We also think that the hanging organisers you can get to go on the end of the beds are perfect because they may be small but they have so much stuff; nappies, wipes, cotton wall, nappy rash cream the list is endless and these organisers just keep everything together and will make your life easier and save time.

Colour is a huge choice to make when it comes to choosing a nursery it is very common that If you are having a boy you choose blue, a girl you would choose pink and then a magnolia if you did not find out the sex of your baby. We also think that it is great if you have to do as little work as possible over the next few years so why not keep everything neutral and then change the blinds as the baby grows. This is what I do and I think it is great because every year/two years I change my blinds and accessories your little one feels like they have a new room!

Below are some beautiful nursery blinds that sell really well, they are practical, all child safe and have blackout lining to hopefully allow your little ones some extra sleep in the light mornings (which is what every parent wants)

Blinds for the nursery

All of these blinds can be purchased from our website and we can send you free samples out first class so you won’t be waiting too long to see just how perfect they are. There are many more children’s blinds available to purchase on the website and we have created a ‘children’s section’ to make your purchase as easy as possible.