The Playroom

Are you lucky enough to have a playroom in your home to keep all the toys in one place? If so then this blog is going to be a great read for you we have taken the opinions of the people who work here at Blinds4udirect as well as mums of children of all ages to try and figure out what will work well in a room for your children.

Younger children’s toy rooms normally consist of lots of toys; Lego, farm animals and a craft table they are all perfect for a little one. We think it is important to have an eye catching blind at the window in the play room as this is likely to be somewhere your little one will spend a lot of their time. It may also be worth having a blackout blind if you are looking at creating a ‘cosy corner’ for your little one to wind down and if you’re lucky get some shut eye.

We liked the layout of the playroom above however we do not do these blinds but this is a brilliant room and can be very easily modified to the blinds we have as well as the age of your child. Below are some blinds that we think will work perfectly if you are lucky enough to have a room for your little one.

Playroom Blinds

The above blinds all have the benefit of blackout lining and will work perfectly in a play room for a younger blind. These blinds can all be made spring loaded meaning that no cords are present or remote controlled if you can keep the remote away from your little one long enough (my 4-year-old loves watching them go up and down in our house)

In the current age many older children will have ‘a play room’ which is more like ‘a games room’ where they will unwind with the Xbox or Playstation and quite often a gaming chair. In these rooms your children will often use this as an area for them only and no parents so again we think a bright and funky blind will complement this room perfectly.

Playroom Blinds

As you will notice most of the blinds that we have suggested for the play room are roller blinds, this is because there are many materials available as well as them being very practical. All of our blinds are completely child safe for you piece of mind and how to protect your little one.

Please let us know if you need any samples sending and we will be happy to send them out first class free of charge.