Upgrade the Guest Bedroom

Is it time to finally spend some money on updating the guest room in your home, we are all guilty of putting off renovating the room that you spend the least time in so how about you try to finally get round to sprucing it up – and we are happy to help!

Upgrade the Guest Bedroom

Guest room are a great place in the home where you can really let your imagination for decorations run wild, it’s fun to make a statement and make your guests feel special and welcome. Warm colours will make the room feel cosy and comfortable like image 2 whereas cooler tones will make the room feel more modern and clean cut like image 1 and we have blinds to fit both environments.

Modern home:Upgrade the Guest Bedroom

The perfect blind to accompany to fit within a modern guest room would be in our opinion a wooden blind either with or without tapes – for an ultra modern look take a look at the gloss range of Sunwoods, specifically gloss crème, but if glossy isn’t for you the pure white woods is an equally lovely choice. The bright woods would be a seamless addition to a modern guest room. With the wooden blinds up in your spare room your guests will sleep peacefully through the night.



Upgrade the Guest BedroomTraditional home:

A traditional home would be perfect to have a roman blind in as the plush thick material will continue to make the room feel cosy and comformatable while remaining practical for the room. The first one I’ve chosen is Elspeth Ivory, it’s a lovely warm cream colour perfect to fit in any room and the second is Labyrinth Lavender another good choice for a tradional guest bedroom.