Valentines 2018

Ways to treat your significant other this valentine’s day:

1. Take them for a romantic walk and watch the sunset orrrr buy them a blind called Sunset

Sunset Vision BlindsThese are vision blinds they are easy to use blinds which have a single control which is used to slide opaque and translucent woven stripes past each other. The same operation is used to raise or lower the window blind to any height in the window with ease in the same way the classic roller blind would. The front layer moves independently of the back allowing the stripes to glide between each other creating an open and closed effect, with limitless light control.

2. To show your other half they are out of this stratosphere with this Stratus Faux Wood blind

Stratus Faux Wood BlindsThese blinds are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, and steam rooms. The slats all have what looks like the natural wood grain running across it giving them a realistic feel in rooms where real woods aren't recommended. Status is a grey-ish brown colour slat option perfect for a modern home.

3. You could butter them up with this blind called Splash Butter

This natural, light tone from our blinds range gives a fresh feel to your room while providing privacy in your home. This blind can be made into a vertical blind or a roller blind depending on your preferences.

Splash Butter Blind

But if you don’t think any of these are there style then take a look on the rest of our website to see what else they might just love!