Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds were once considered the office blind but this is no longer the case. There is a vast variety of colours and fabrics to suit every colour scheme and requirement. According to one of our lovely suppliers “Vertical blinds offer the ultimate in shading flexibility and privacy along with modern clean lines and stunning fabrics”.

Vertical BlindsWe make all our vertical blinds, made to measure, on site in our factory in Norfolk. Vertical blinds can neatly fold away to allow maximum light into home, pivot them to maintain some privacy while introducing light flow or be closed to block out the light almost complete (vertical blinds can be made blackout however a little bit of light can sometimes peak around the edges of the slats so this must be considered before ordering). Unlike some roller blinds which are resisted in size due to the material, vertical blinds can be made from 300mm all the way up to 4000mm wide so they are a very versatile product.

You can also personalise your vertical blinds in many ways for example you can choose the side you would like the controls and how you would like them to draw, controls can go on the left or the right and they can draw to the left, right or split in the middle like curtains.

All the blinds we make are completely child safe however you can also add a wand for an extra added child safety feature which some Mummy and Daddy’s might prefer for their little ones room (if you choose the wand the controls side and draw side must be opposite, for example: control right, draw left or control left, draw right). Another child safety feature you can add is sewn in weights which means you don’t have to have the chains along the bottom of the slats, many people consider this as the perfect finishing touch.

You can also pick the headrail type – slimline which is standard or vogue. Slimline is a square finished headrail and only comes in white. The vogue headrail is an added extra and comes in six different colours and has a round finish.

Another personalised feature you can choose is single colour slats or mixed slats, this is completely your choice and is dependent on your own personal preferences, please see below some of different choices.

Vertical Blinds