Wooden Blinds available on Blinds4uDirect.co.uk

Wooden blinds can give any dull room a new lease of life! There are so many colours to choose from. For the more traditional wood colours: pine, beech, honey and chestnut. For the new and exciting colours: ash, gloss (white, black and cream) and acacia! You have the choice of the more neutral wooden venetian which is stripped back with the grain showing. These are our "soft grain" range consisting of Canadian Maple, Tuscan Oak, Alder, Cabana, Rowan and Fired Walnut. Another range is the "perfect grain" these are laminated woods, to create the "perfect" grain. You have Maple which is the lightest with a slighter darker grain, Elm which is a light cream/brown with a slighter darker grain and Merbu which is the darkest with a dark brown grain. 

But... If you’re looking for more of a glam look why not add that extra touch by adding tape instead of the standard cord. We have 16 calm and soft colours available in 19mm, 25mm and 38mm slat widths or you could really go wild and loud with our new range of tapes we have: Envy (bright green), Vamp (a devil red), Lulu (bright pink), Poison (deep purple) Icon (very dark navy). These coloured tapes are only available in the 38mm width.