Work Naked Day 2017

Now it may not be a well-publicised holiday but according to our Fun Holiday calendar February 1st is Work Naked Day. Now you may be thinking what a load of rubbish? But it’s not quite the vacant holiday it may seem, there is some science behind it, research shows that working from home tends to make for a much more productive day and a happier work force, in fact research carried out by Stanford University found that remote workers are 13% more productive!

If you’re going to be partaking in this holiday we do have two pieces of advice before you begin, firstly you must ask the boss to work from home that day and secondly you better grab yourself some blackout blinds so you don’t get caught starkers by your neighbours.

We offer a variety of blackout blinds including a range of rollers blinds called Vitra and they come in an assortment of colour options, of which a few are shown below:

Vitra Shock Roller Blind
This may be a simple one coloured blind however, the bright colour will be very eye catching in your home and the tones in Vitra Shock Roller Blindthis blind will give your home and lovely warm feeling. This, like all the Vitra range are available in blackout which is perfect for when you want to block the light out the light and when you need a little privacy, perfect for Work Naked Day or any day for that matter. This colour, the ones shown below and in fact all the Vitra range are also available in vertical blinds also blackout, so if rollers don’t take your fancy why not take a look at the verticals.

But if pink isn’t your colour how about one of these lovely options instead:

 Work Naked Day 2017 

Vitra Biscotti Roller Blind / Vitra Zest Roller Blind / Vitra Imperial Roller Blind / Vitra Teal Roller Blind